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Keeping targeted audiences engaged and reaping profits is easy with adcrux. Adcrux offers a complete solution for cold email marketing Automation needs.

email campaign software

With a shared IP / SMTP, you are at the mercy of your sending cohorts.
With Dedicated IP / SMTP, you can control and monitor your sending reputation directly.
Buy Dedicated SMTP with multiple rotating IP addresses.

Adcrux is designed to deal with cold email marketing

Uses different IP addresses segmented based on particular ISPs mail streams. Segmenting each mail stream by IP address keeps the reputation of each mail stream separate.

Efficient resource use

Distribute bounce rate among connected Email Delivery Servers based on email sending rate.

Monitor Bounce Rate

Get high priority delivery to your emails by maintaining multiple ESPs.

Total Control

Control Email delivery rate for your SMTPs.


Analyse all your campaigns stats at one dashboard.


Select your Email Delivery Server or SMTP while Sending Campaigns.

Spam trap filter

Filters spam trap emails from Adcrux’s expert curated database of 5M+ trap emails.

Trusted By

275 +

Dedicated SMTP Clients

2650 +

Shared SMTP Clients

75M +

Emails Sent / Month

100,000 Cold Email Campaign Case Study

Get rid of IP, domain, and email content blacklisting problems. Leave cold email campaigns to our experts, you stay focused on closures.



Create Captivating Campaigns with our
Email Marketing solution.

Packed with a host of features, we help you focus on creating the perfect email campaign for you while we make sure that your emails land in the inboxes of your prospects.

email campaign templates
Create stunning campaigns in minutes

Swift and easy-to-use Email marketing platform

We always put you, the marketer on top of the priority list. With our feature-packed system, create and send email campaigns that capture the eye of your prospects. Work together with a team with our collaboration tools.

Choose Impactful and intriguing templates from our library where we keep updating designs constantly, customize the way you like and get campaign-ready emails in just a matter of minutes.

All the tools you need to have a definitive email marketing strategy. Gain more subscribers and retain your existing subscribers with efficient customer outreach campaigns.

custom email templates
Connect with your audience with a personal touch

Customizable Email templates

The most impactful emails are those where the customer feels that he/she is the only person that email is addressed to. This is very difficult to achieve when you are sending bulk emails to thousands of contacts. We help you achieve that by allowing you the use of our exclusive templates which support personalisation based on subscriber properties.

With preloaded templates which are ready to use as they are, you can select which fields you want to add/remove and make it consistent with your brand feel. Still have doubts? Not to worry, because our testing feature allows you to run a test campaign so you can make sure that everything looks just as the way you want it to.

remove duplicates in excel

CSV, TXT, XLS upload

Manually upload your own contact lists to your account. We currently support CSV, TXT and XLS file formats. If your list has any errors, we would automatically check for duplicates and other errors and raise a prompt for you to correct by filtering.

Your contacts will be automatically loaded into the list name specified.

personalized email

Personalised Emails

Adcrux makes sure that your emails are delivered in the inboxes you want. Create a sender reputation for yourself by personalising your emails to individual and segmented subscribers. Tailor each message to perfection and increase your chances of getting business.

Informative Dashboard

View minute details like number of campaigns, subscribers, email lists along with activity reports for every campaign.

Email List Management

Customize, segment and manage your mailing lists.

List tools

Deliberately curate your lists with our set of great tools designed to perfection.

Email Blacklist

Customer-only email blacklist. Addresses in this list will never receive any campaigns.

Suppression lists

This is like a temporary Blacklist. Use this when you want to exclude a group of contacts from a current campaign.

Campaign Management

Group your campaigns and efficiently manage the responses on the same.

Email Templates

Choose from a range of crafted templates. You can also create your own email template with our unique Drag and Drop creator.

Delivery Servers

Add your own delivery servers for campaigns. Our experts can guide you meticulously in this.

Bounce Servers

Same as delivery servers, you can also add separate bounce servers for your campaigns and manage everything from a single application.

Feedback Loop Servers

Separate feedback loop servers for complaint management improving the efficiency of your overall campaign.

Email monitors

Monitor your emails and program specified actions against campaign responses.

Sending Domains

These add proper DKIM signatures to your emails making it more likely that they land in the inbox.

Tracking Domains

Add your own branded domain as ‘Tracking domains’ for masking of domains used in campaigning services


Use our API to allow seamless integration of external applications to integrate with our platform


Create and manage surveys within your campaigns. Use the insights, thereby gained, to drive strategy.

Campaign Statistics

Get accurate and real time statistics for your campaigns including data such as Open rates, Click-through rates, Correct status and more.

Reply Tracker

Stay on top of your campaigns with response based subscriber detection and follow-ups. Unlimited inbound servers and auto-response filters to save your time.

Sub Accounts

Create Sub-accounts and provide access to your clients or staff to run the campaigns and view the campaign stats.

Double opt-in Emails

  • Create a list

    Make sure to enable double opt-in and send a welcome email to subscribers.

  • Keep the opt-in form (List fields) simple. Just collect email addresses. Collect more information only after trust is established.

  • Adcrux provides HTML code or iframe to embed list form easily wherever you wish to.

  • Once you embed the HTML code of the list form, emails are automatically stored under the respective list to run manual or automatic campaigns.

create a list
custom field
embed code
embed html code



Avoid stale databases. Use a clean list. Avoid using spam keywords. Use fresh content always. Create engaging emails. Our spam traps and bounces emails database clean your list while importing them into adcrux. Send sales emails without fear. Small volumes of 500 - 1000 emails per campaign yield higher open rates.

All plans include an SMTP server and an email sending application setup. 1500 emails per IP / Day recommended to avoid IP blocking. No refund if IP gets blocked, replacement available at $15 per IP. If Spam-like activity is detected, the account will be terminated without a refund.


$199 / Month

  • 3,000 Emails / Day

  • Up To 200,000 Contacts

  • 2 Fresh and Dedicated IPs

  • IP Replacement at 15$

  • 2 Weeks IP warmup FREE

  • $60 set up fee one time

  • Delivery in 7 Working Days

$199 + $60 one time

$399 / Month

  • 6,000 Emails / Day

  • Up To 500,000 Contacts

  • 4 Fresh and Dedicated IPs

  • IP Replacement at 15$

  • 2 Weeks IP warmup FREE

  • $60 set up fee one time

  • Delivery in 5 Working Days

$399 + $60 one time

$799 / Month

  • 24,000 Emails / Day

  • Up To 1,000,000 Contacts

  • 16 Fresh and Dedicated IPs

  • IP Replacement at 15$

  • 2 Weeks IP warmup FREE

  • $60 set up fee one time

  • Delivery in 3 Working Days

$799 + $60 one time

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