bulk email service

Bulk Emails


Being able to send Bulk emails without any limitation or fear is a feat for many organizations introducing services, brands and products to a targeted segment of the market demographic. Adcrux aims to help you achieve this feat.

IP warm-up Definition

IP warming is a process in which volume of emails is progressively increased over the course of several days to build a good reputation for the IP with email providers.

IP warm-up Schedule
  • Weeks 1-2, send to your most active subscribers (Positive engagement in past 30 days).

  • Weeks 3-4, expand to moderately active subscribers (Positive engagement in past 60 days).

  • No further contact with subscribers who haven’t shown any engagement in the past 90 days, during the first 6 weeks of the warm-up schedule.

  • If warm-up limit goes above 10 million, we suggest to add another IP.

Week 1 Daily Volume
Day 1 20
Day 2 40
Day 3 70
Day 4 100
Day 5 150
Day 6 200
Day 7 350
Week 2 Daily Volume
Day 8 500
Day 9 750
Day 10 1,500
Day 11 2,000
Day 12 3,000
Day 13 4,000
Day 14 5,000
Week 3 Daily Volume
Day 15 325,000
Day 16 400,000
Day 17 500,000
Day 18 600,000
Day 19 750,000
Day 20 1,000,000
Day 21 1,250,000
Week 4 Daily Volume
Day 22 1,750,000
Day 23 2,000,000
Day 24 3,000,000
Day 25 4,250,000
Day 26 5,000,000
Day 27 6,000,000
Day 28 7,500,000
Week 5 Daily Volume
Day 29 10,000,000
Day 30 Done

What to Expect

Bulking at Yahoo!, AOL, Gmail will clear with a few sends with positive metrics. Though it can take up some time to get in the inbox, what’s important is to constantly maintain contact with engaged subscribers.

Delays at AOL, Microsoft, Comcast will retry for 72 hours and if failed will be registered as a 421 error in the record. Delays are normal as long as they are delivering to the inbox in the end and will lessen with increasing reputation. If Timeouts persist in large quantities, then you should reduce your engagement volume for the particular email provider.

Most commonly blocks occur when list isn’t engaged enough. You need to segment your list carefully, so that you receive maximum engagement.

Monitor your metrics carefully during the warm-up period to extract maximum value.

How to Avoid / Remove Spam Traps

Restrain from purchasing or renting Bad lists.

Remove hard bounces.

Try to engage your inactive subscribers.

Default unengaged subscribers, if the attempt to connect returns no value.