bulk email service

Bulk Emails


Being able to send Bulk emails without any limitation or fear is a feat for many organizations introducing services, brands and products to a targeted segment of the market demographic. Adcrux aims to help you achieve this feat.

Automated Mass emailing has been made extremely strict by many mailbox service providers with bulk emails almost every time being sent to SPAM folders. Only one solution remains - Using Proxy Lists.

Our Proxy subscription has been carefully developed to avoid landing into SPAM folders and has ensured increased engagement and rapid delivery times. IPs are specially selected and rotated to avoid filtering by mail providers.

Hand picked 140,000 IPs (from all over the world) for mass emailing. We rotate around 10% of IP addresses every 2 hours of operation to ensure that we are not included in spam and your emails are delivered to primary inboxes.

Gmail Bulk email Solution

Send promotional email to gmail users directly into their inboxes without restrictions. Specialised IPv6 packaged IPs which makes about 95% of your emails land in the inbox.

How can you get this service?
  • Sign up  to Adcrux.

  • Request for at least 10 Million email credits.

  • A separate SMTP will be assigned for your account.

Note: This service is only available to individuals/organizations whose requirement for email sending credits exceeds 10 Million.