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Bulk Emails


Being able to send Bulk emails without any limitation or fear is a feat for many organizations introducing services, brands and products to a targeted segment of the market demographic. Adcrux aims to help you achieve this feat.

What is an SMTP server?

SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is the procedure that directs the email flow over internet. It's primary purpose being to send, receive and/or relay emails between senders and receivers.

An SMTP server has an address(or addresses) which is set by mail clients (generally formatted as smtp.serveraddress.com). The SMTP server address can be found in the accounts or settings section of the mailing application you are using.

When you send an email, the SMTP server processes your email, deciding which server your message will be relayed to. Following this, the recipients' mail client downloads the message from the server and places it at the desired place in the inbox.

100% whitelabel

Emails will have your organization’s signature and no reference to our company.

Super Fast Shipping

High Campaign delivery speeds, much better than any other server available in the industry.

24/7 Support

Dedicated professionals to help you whenever you need regarding whatever you need.


All plans include an SMTP server and an email sending application setup. 5000 emails per IP/day recommended to avoid IP blocking. No refund if IP gets blocked, replacement available at $15 per IP. If Spam-like activity is detected, the account will be terminated without a refund.

For startups, micro firms, and individuals, adcrux offers budget-friendly SMTP servers with dedicated IPs.
Contact our sales team with your budget per month and get your own SMTP


$150 / Month

  • 5000 Emails / Day per IP

  • 20k Emails / Day After 3 Months

  • 2 Fresh and Dedicated IPs

  • IP Replacement at 15$

  • 2 Weeks IP warmup FREE

  • $60 set up fee one time

  • Delivery in 7 Working Days

$150 + $60 one time

$259 / Month

  • 5000 Emails / Day per IP

  • 40k Emails / Day After 3 Months

  • 4 Fresh and Dedicated IPs

  • IP Replacement at 15$

  • 2 Weeks IP warmup FREE

  • $60 set up fee one time

  • Delivery in 5 Working Days

$259 + $60 one time

$699 / Month

  • 5000 Emails / Day per IP

  • 160k Emails / Day After 3 Months

  • 16 Fresh and Dedicated IPs

  • IP Replacement at 15$

  • 2 Weeks IP warmup FREE

  • $60 set up fee one time

  • Delivery in 3 Working Days

$699 + $60 one time

Note : We support up to 250 IPs for your account. To send more than 1 Million emails per day, reach out to us at

Bulk SMTP Service Features

  • Up to 32 Dedicated IPv4

    Fresh and Clean IPs from our own subnets for each server. Replacement IPs available on request. Limit of up to 500 special IPv4 addresses.

  • Automatic IP Rotation

    Built-in logic for rotating outgoing IPs and rDNS allowing us to maintain a positive reputation of our IPs.

  • Safely Warming Up of IPs & Domains

    To gain trust of ESPs (Email service Providers) our SMTP servers increase the limit for each ESP periodically to smoothly built a positive sender reputation.

  • Blacklisting Limitation

    To avoid being blacklisted and maintain the best inbox ratio, we allow no more than 5K emails for a single IP in a day.

  • Email sending software features

    Packed with a host of features, we help you focus on creating the perfect email campaign for you while we make sure that your emails land in the inboxes of your prospects. Know more

  • Full DNS Support

    Free nameservers for domain delegation. Automatic creation of all needed records including rDNS (PTR), DKIM, DMARC, SPF, MX, A.

  • IP Reputation Monitoring

    Hourly checks in 100+ DNSRBLs. Daily checking for IP reputation via senderscore.org helping us to determine daily safety limit for each IP.

  • High Speed Delivery

    Capacity for up to 100 simultaneous outgoing queues and the ability to send around 1 Million emails per day.