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You purchase “email sending credits” which have lifetime validity. A single credit is equivalent to one email send. Use these credits to send campaigns.

Currently we provide monthly subscription to you only if you have a comprehensive volume for emails and you buy an SMTP server plan with us. Head over to the “Buy SMTP server” section to know more.

At Adcrux, we do our best to make your campaign effective and profitable but the nuances of your campaign depend on your contacts and content. Ergo, we do not provide any refund for campaigns.

Yes, we reward you for the referrals and we add them to your Adcrux account. You can use your rewards earned to reduce a certain amount of cost in your next campaign. You would be allowed to redeem your earnings once it reaches $100 or once every 45 days, whichever is the quickest amongst the two.

Yes indeed, you can!

Yes. You can download your campaign data once your campaign is finished. It all comes unders the credits you have purchased to send the emails.

Yes. We provide advanced analytics for your campaigns based on your campaign data. Reach us at and we’ll take it from there.

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