How to Use Influencer Marketing to Boost Your SEO Strategy:
The Case of a Luxury Clothing Company in Paris

Influencer marketing is where celebrities or influencers from any niche in the market agree to promote an organization or brand. Typically, they agree to promote a specific product or service and ideally gain a commission for their efforts. When executed correctly, influencer marketing is a very cost-effective and efficient marketing technique that can result in excellent organic user growth, increase in user engagement, brand awareness, traffic, and ultimately organic search visibility. What Is It Like to Work with an Influencer? I have been working with an influencer for a few years now and one of the best parts is how simple it is to get started with influencer marketing.


The benefits of influencer marketing

One of the major benefits of influencer marketing is that it allows companies to create an immersive online experience with an in-depth analysis of their target audience by getting in contact with the most popular influencers in the niche that they are aiming to promote. Influencers can also be an excellent source of brand new and targeted traffic, while also helping to drive relevant searches to the website where their content is being published. In addition, influencers can also add a great deal of personality and individuality to the mix, providing the company with an attractive persona that can help to drive consumers to conversion and provide them with an exciting social experience.

SEO benefits of influencer marketing

Approaches to influencer marketing vary depending on your business and goals. In this article, we are going to look at how a luxury clothing company in Paris used influencer marketing to increase its search engine visibility and improve user engagement. How did influencer marketing help with the SEO of this company? The company in question had three main goals: 1) Reach more luxury consumers in their target markets 2) Increase brand awareness 3) Grow their customer base With their competition very similar to each other and growing in terms of the luxury end user’s purchasing power, the goal to attract more luxury buyers to their stores was most pressing.

How to get started with influencer marketing

To begin to use influencer marketing you will need to have a content marketing strategy that includes a host of different types of content that you wish to publish. This could be blog posts, videos, white papers, case studies, or other similar types of content, but ideally, you should make sure it includes lots of visuals, too. The idea is to create content that can be used to attract visitors who will, in turn, share it with their network of followers and potential customers. The next step is to conduct research into the top influencers in the target market you wish to be in. You will need to have an extensive list of influencers to work with, but with the right kind of research, you will be able to understand their content preferences and interests.

The Case of a Luxury Clothing Company in Paris

A Luxury Clothing Company in Paris Luxury clothing brand Eviana named YSL as their top influencer when it comes to keywords and its link-building strategies. They explain that their strategy starts by using the various tools to target a large number of websites, yet finding the right ones to start with. A tip of their hat goes to one of the most effective link-building strategies that YSL has used in the past few months: the engagement from the influencer campaign. They explain, “In terms of link building strategy, we’ve started to use influencer campaigns to boost our organic traffic.” The importance of engaging with YSL’s influencers became clear when YSL was aware of a story spreading on Twitter involving one of their influencers.

How to Choose the Right Influencer for Your Business

Choosing the right influencers for your business is critical for creating a more effective marketing strategy. Take a look at what different types of influencers can offer your business. How to Use Influencer Marketing in a B2B Example Influencer marketing has several dimensions to it, but business-to-business (B2B) influencers should play a big role. If your target market is mainly business users, as with a tech business, then influencers in this area can be highly useful. How to Use Influencer Marketing for B2B Clients With influencers having a big effect on B2B audiences, businesses should use influencer marketing to their benefit. You should be using more influencers to produce a more powerful influence on your clients.

Things To Keep In Mind

Influencer marketing is based on a cycle which you can’t end or start; influencer marketing must happen. No Impact on Your SEO Strategy With the influencers you reach reaching an audience of potential customers, which will eventually increase your organic traffic. Can Be Integrated into Your Current Marketing Efforts Influencer marketing can be integrated into your current marketing efforts in order to generate buzz and increase brand awareness. Existing Brands Can Leverage Influencer Marketing for Brand Awareness and Positive Reviews By engaging with an influencer, you can make their brand experience more memorable and encourage customer reviews, which can increase your Google visibility and drive traffic to your site.

Whilst there are many more factors that play a part in ranking success, these steps can help boost your strategy and ultimately, your SEO success.