Why Video Content Marketing Matters: The Importance of Videos in SEO

According to a recent survey conducted by video optimization company Convince & Convert, 82 percent of respondents found that video was a tool that increases consumer trust in brands, 71 percent said the video made them more confident in the product, 74 percent said it helped build trust in companies, and 80 percent reported that it had improved customer experiences. These statistics demonstrate the trust placed on video content. People tend to notice and feel empowered when they are shown images that have a video attached to them. Videos help companies deliver value to the people who consume them, making them a popular method of communication. Video is the Future According to an article published by digital marketing specialist Connectmag, the word “vlogging” was first used in 1960.


Strategy and Execution

The execution of video content marketing depends on the strategy you choose to put together. From selecting the desired method of distribution to the best format to be used and the most effective method of marketing, a video content marketing strategy is critical to the success of your video content marketing campaign. Therefore, it is crucial to spend time and energy defining a good strategy in order to effectively carry out a video content marketing campaign. Relevance, Specificity, and Focused Approach What is most important about video content marketing is that you need to understand its relevance and specificity.

Video SEO

Studies show that mobile users prefer video as opposed to text contents Search engines are now using video as their main source for ranking search results Video is an easy and efficient way to boost online sales and content marketing Video plays an important role in enabling user interactivity and sharing Overall, video is now the most viewed type of content and users are actively looking for innovative content to entertain, educate and inform them. Video SEO can be achieved by the following strategies: This includes, how you capture and upload the video content for search engines.

Optimizing Your Videos for SEO

Google’s recent updates make it possible for it to index only the videos that have been optimized for SEO and not the other videos that have not been optimized for SEO. For example, if you publish a video and use keywords relevant to that video in the description of the video, then you have a pretty high chance of it being indexed by Google. This is an invaluable advantage for you to utilize while you are recording your video and optimizing it for SEO. The Effect of Video Content on Online Searches More than 72% of mobile internet traffic is video. The increase in the online traffic to videos makes it imperative to optimize the video content for online searches. Studies have proven that video is much more valuable than plain text and it influences a consumer to make a purchase.

Using your videos as a marketing tool

This brings us to the reason why video content marketing is important. A majority of people watch videos before buying, researching a topic or just to be informed about some new piece of information. Not only that but companies also now use videos on their website as an online advertisement to generate revenue. Investing in a video marketing strategy can help companies increase their brand awareness and generate some cash from the videos on their website. You can have the videos on your company’s website or on your social media platforms so that they get exposure as well. Focusing on the video part Video content marketing is one of the main components of digital marketing because it targets internet users on a huge scale.


As explained in this article, video content is expected to have one of the strongest showings in SEO strategies. Having a video on a well-vetted, relevant website is definitely a step in the right direction and can boost the audience of a website. The use of video content in video SEO depends on your keywords and audience targeting. It also helps to increase engagement and response rates from your visitors. The most important aspects in ensuring a good video content experience are to prepare the video according to the digital marketing framework, as well as plan your placement of the video and remember to monetize it in a way that the viewers are exposed to your