Why you should consider buying a dedicated SMTP server for Email Marketing Campaigns

More often than not, many of the marketing professionals tend to rely on the public domain, free-to-use SMTP servers to send bulk emails and newsletters. Experts differ, using a dedicated SMTP server not only puts you way ahead of the competition but it also ratifies your online presence as a genuine marketer.


Fast Delivery

Mass emailing is an irreplaceable element of any online business and so incorporating a dedicated SMTP server is crucial for any email marketing strategy to obtain optimum and faster delivery rates. One amazing fact about SMTP servers is that they do not cost just as much. They will not dent your marketing budget, but will still make a sizable impact on your marketing efforts. A free server in today’s times is almost every time bottlenecked. This completely shatters the delivery speed. A dedicated SMTP server would give considerable increase in speed of email delivery.

Reasons to use Dedicated SMTP server

There are certain limitations to a free SMTP server –

1. Allows for sending only a specific number of emails on any given day.

2. Deliverability is not guaranteed. Your messages always face the dark clouds of rejection from various Internet Service Providers depending on which type of message you send further.

A dedicated SMTP server solves these problems. It gives you an unlimited number of emails per day. It is possible to do this because the server is only catering to your emailing requirements and hence hardware bottleneck is out of the equation. It also makes sure that delivery rates stay high. As it is your own SMTP server, your fate is in your own hands. You can warm-up your IPs and create your own sender reputation without worrying about any other user, which you have to do while using a free SMTP server.

How to choose the best dedicated SMTP server?

When it comes to paying for SMTP servers and using them for private business needs, there are a few factors that we need to take into account.


The SMTP sector has seen a steep rise in the ability of software systems in recent years. A good SMTP server which you should consider for your purchase would be able to provide the following features –

  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • SPF and DKIM records
  • Monitoring of your performance metrics
  • Delivery reports
  • Subscriber count and management
  • Personalized Emails


If you own a medium-large scale business, scalability is the most important factor while choosing an SMTP server. For small businesses it isn’t that important because of the volume, but for businesses with higher email volume, scalability comes into picture quite vividly.

Ease of Installation

This is a subjective metric and it cannot be quantified objectively to speak for everyone. Ideally, you should see what SMTP provider suits your needs and blends in better with your working paradigm. User manuals are good but while working for enterprise, you should keep ease of accessibility as one of your top priorities.

The most important thing is to have a private dedicated server. There are many good options in the market, you should select the one that fits your requirements better and offers prompt after-sales support.