Why you should have a dedicated Email Marketing infrastructure with Multiple IPs and SMTP servers

Bulk emailing has become more sophisticated than ever in recent times. Internet service providers (ISPs) have identified certain pointers in your mail that can make it look like spam even if it is not. If you are new to email marketing then you should not miss a single line of the following article. Gone are the days when we could use a free SMTP server over a single IP address and send innumerable emails over it. The way you structure your emails matters to a spam check engine but at the back-end, what technology your email uses also matters a lot while it undergoes various checkpoints in its journey to your customer’s inbox.


If you are a professional email marketer, it is considered a good exercise to use multiple IP addresses in order to spread your email traffic, while using a dedicated SMTP server. If you send a large volume of emails using only a single IP address, your deliverability rates will suffer due to bottlenecking and subsequently your emails will be marked as spam. This will considerably lower your IP reputation and affect the future performance of your campaigns. So, to maintain a good IP reputation, you need to slow down the email traffic you send from a single IP address. One way to do it is using multiple IP addresses.

The most important benefit of having a separate infrastructure in place to send emails on part of your organization is that it allows the tuning of different components the way you want. The freeware solutions available for sending bulk emails do not provide any depth in your campaigns. As against this, if you have a dedicated infrastructure for it as advocated in this article, you can tune the number of SMTP servers you want, the number of IPs, control their rotation and warm-up. This way, nothing can compromise your campaign’s performance.

Advantages of a dedicated infrastructure –

Multiple SMTP accounts

You can manage your deliverability by setting up multiple SMTP accounts. This streamlines deliverability by allowing you the option to send different types of campaigns using different SMTP servers.

SMTP and IP rotation

Rotating your IPs is the first rule in email marketing these days. If you use one IP address over and over again for multiple campaigns, its reputation will take a significant hit rendering it useless to you. Same with SMTP servers, if you group different SMTP servers, you can rotate them through your campaigns along with your IPs, so that they stay fresh always.

Separate sending parameters

You may require different sending configurations for different types of campaigns. With a dedicated infrastructure, you can set-up different SMTP servers to perform specified operations in regards to sending, of your choice (For eg: sending newsletters, promotional emails, etc.).

Secure connections

Provides you internet security and legitimizes the requests your server would make in its journey through the internet. This is done by properly validating protocols like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security).

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